Asking for contributions to help others advocacy is a lot easier than asking for contributions to help support the endeavours we feel called to be a part of.

Rest assured, 100% of every dollar we have ever raised has been put back into supporting the community, working with integral & ethical organizations and advocacy groups on projects that align with our values. We stand strong in our belief that those who take advantage of the good will of others will be held to account and we will always take comfort knowing that our conscious is clear with every penny raised and spent.

Should you believe in our work please consider donating to support our endeavors in advocating for projects that support the community, for the love of country and being in service to others.

Any and all support is greatly appreciated.

You can also donate by volunteering your time and energy, offering connections to help us get the word out about our work and most importantly, by sending prayers to protect the work we do and the people we support and align with.

Send your etransfer to: